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The "Director’s Column"

Selecting a coaching centre has left parents spoilt for choice. Flattering academic records, institute's reputation, fee structure, parents have to take into consideration a lot of factors while selecting institute for their ward. Not only because of huge life time investment that goes in, but also because of the returns in the years to come.

At Vision Classes we have thus built strong fundamentals and pioneering approach to education. The USP of this institute is the commitment of the faculty and coaching system. We have heterogenous composition of students. We believe, a clean environment is important for this holistic growth. Here students have the facilities to help them grow with discipline. A big reputation and excellent record in relatively short span have catapulted Vision Classes to the rank of the most sought after institute in the region. On account of this our alumni, after passing out from premier institutes like IITs, emerge as a true global thinkers and leaders, capable of addressing global challenges.

Our these alumni, have been winning accolades regularly and have established themselves high as corporate leaders, bureaucrats and doctorates from leading FOREIGN UNIVERSITIES and working as Junior Scientists. Thus the goal set by me for my institution is to spearhead the movement which will enable Indian education The Nation is geared up for the next educational revolution with some of the best coaching centres aggressively gearing up to shape the future of India. These coaching centres are the ultimate hope for churning out the most capable technocrat, who can take the global challenges head on, and prove their mettle. Standing at the forefront of this revolution is Vision Classes, which is so well equipped to match the highest level of any set standard of technical education.

Splendid infrastructure, plush facilities, excellent class sizes and innovative teaching methodology is what makes Vision Classes stand out. Given a plethora of option available, to reach the pinnacle of academic excellence. Post-liberalisation, private coaching centres have started to play an increasingly pivotal role in the education sector. Vision Classes has increased participation and now it may be the only way for the state to maintain global competitiveness. There is an emerging need. The need for quality coaching institutes is further precipitated by the fact that parents are now better equipped. They are not only more aware but are more vigilant as well.

Vision Classes fosters a class and nurtures the inquisitive spirit of the child. Such learning allows the children to work their mind beyond just cramming the lessons. They look for deeper understanding and are able to comprehend and apply reasoning accordingly.

Dreams without vision is mere desire and with Vision it becomes an ambition. -K.Singh


  1. Vast sea of Teaching Experience - 19 Years.
  2. Taught more than sixty thousand students.
  3. Churned out thousand of students successful in IIT-JEE examinations. Many attained top hundred ranks here.
  4. One of the very few Bihari facult who had the privilege of teaching at Kota.
  5. Established the first Coaching Institute at Patna, Bihar, which is based on Kota pattern.
  6. A leading educationist, who very successfully stopped the migration of students from Bihar to Kota.
  7. Member of American Chemical Society.
  8. Did M.Sc in Chemistry and pursuing Ph.D on Water Pollution.
  9. Authored several renowned Books:
    1. (a) Problem in Chemistry in 2001 by Prakash Prakashan, Meerut.
    2. (b) Problem in Chemistry in 2004-05 by Student's Friend.
    3. (c) Problem in Chemistry in 2009-10 by Tata Macgrow Hill (TMH).
    4. (d) Advance Problem in Organic Chemistry by Arihant Publication.
    5. (e) How to understand Mechanism in Organic Chemistry by G. R. Batla Publication, Meerut.
    6. (f) Adopted Organic Chemistry by Solomans and Fryhle.